We provide a wide range of services by using leading edge technologies and expertise like,

  • Design and engineering for control systems

  • Shipyard, Port and Anchorage Mechanical, Piping and Instrumentation services.

  • Construction, Testing and Commissioning of various Projects.                  

  • Ship Building, Renovation, Modification and Conversions.

  • Equipment & Material sourcing.

  • PLC Programming

  • Man power sourcing
Design and engineering for control systems

We offer end to end engineering services from project conceptualization to developing the detailed design documents for fabrication, construction, operation and maintenance for PLC based control systems. 

An engineering team has been assigned for each project. The team comprises personnel with the right blend of skills and experience. It follows an organized engineering process and methodology to ensure that unique requirements of the project and customers are met to their utmost satisfaction.

Shipyard, Port and anchorage Mechanical, piping and Instrumentation services

We also provide comprehensive services for vessels requiring repairs in shipyards, in ports and at anchorage. The Groupís Service & Repair Division is manned 24 hours a day to attend to docking repairs, breakdown repairs and regular instrument maintenance. The team comprises of experienced service personnel, and is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and test equipment to attend to vessels at all locations worldwide, to cover repairs, retrofits, installations and maintenance work.


Construction, Testing and commissioning of various Projects

We are equipped with a dedicated team of well trained engineers and technicians to provide services in construction, mechanical completion, inspection, testing, loop checking, pre-commissioning and dynamic commissioning of systems for various projects such as FPSO/FPDSO/FSOís, FPUís, Drill Ships, Jack-up Rigs, and Semi-Submersible Rigs, petrochemical plants and modules.


Ship Building, renovation, modification and conversions

We provide a wide range of mechanical modifications and new build constructions in ship building industry. As per the requirements of clients/ class, our team of expatriate engineers and skilled workforce are fully capable to execute the project in timely planned schedule.

The company has constructed and modified various types of vessels to the stringent requirements of international classification societies like; The American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas for clients like public sectors, private sectors and various port trusts, etc.     

The company on its past performance has built up a reputation for a high degree of professionalism, technical excellence, and a high standard of workmanship on the projects executed by them.

Separate checks are made by the companyís own quality control cell at various stages of construction i.e. plate preparation, units assembly erection and fitting out in order to ensure that the materials and workmanship are of the highest quality..

 Since the quality of welding is one of the critical determinants in shipbuilding, special care is taken by the quality control cell of the company to ensure that the welding conforms to the best of shipbuilding standards.


Equipment & Material sourcing

Level measurement: Level measurement: Conductivity, Magnetic Coupling, Magnetic Tracking, Vibration, Hydrostatic, Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Laser, Nucleonic, Floats switches etc.


Pressure: SMART pressure Transmitters, differential pressure Transmitters, Pressure switches, Gauges, Rupture Disc and Diaphragm Seals etc.


Temperature: Thermo wells, PT100 (RTD's), Thermo couples, Transmitters, Bimetal Gauges etc.   


Flow: Flow transmitters, Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis, Positive Displacement, Ultrasonic and Thermal Mass Flow meters etc.


Valves: Control Valves, Pressure Safety Valves, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Trunnion mounted Double Block & Bleed Valves, Globe Valves, Gate valves, Butterfly Valves and Solenoid Valves etc.


Strainers: T-Strainers, Y-Strainers, Duplex Strainers and Custom Design Strainers etc.

Pipes, Flanges & Fittings: All kinds of SS & CS Pipes & fittings.


Tubing & Fittings: All kinds of Tubings & fittings

PLC Programming

We have efficient professionals for PLC programming on Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc etc.

  1. PLC programming on Simatic manager S7-V5.4, RSlogix 5000 etc
  2. Program developed for various systems like Bulk handling, Alarm monitoring, ESD etc

Building material: Granite Tiles & Slabs, Cobble stones and granite products.

Man power sourcing

We provide Engineers and Technicians with high competency and expertise for construction, commissioning & operations.

Work Flow

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